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Daughter's Home's Success Story....

Name of the Entrepreneur: Mrs. Sandhaya Vyas
Organization’s Name: Daughters’ Home (PG Accommodation)

Place: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Sending girls out is a big concern for the parents who want to see their daughters flourishing in their career but giving them a place to stay is a matter of greater responsibility. Mrs Sandhaya Vyas is bearing this responsibility on her shoulders since 2006 with great zeal and enthusiasm.
Mrs. Sandhaya Vyas, owner of Daughters’ Home belongs to Jodhpur. During her MSc (Organic Chemistry) she never thought of setting her own venture in her life. She belongs to an educated service class family and has spent some years in US. After marriage, she settled in Jaipur with her in-laws. Earlier she tried her luck in school education as a teacher, but due to bad health of her daughter she left the job. Her husband was working in an MNC as a Manager and she involved herself in her household responsibilities like a common housewife.
And the story begins….

Sometimes ideas pop up in our mind, sometimes come in the form of advice and it happened with Mrs. Vyas. She gave her one room on rent to two girls with a thought of small income. One day her family friend Dr. Ashok Bapna who was heading IILM-AHL a known business school in the same locality, advised her to expand the Paying-Guest facility for girls. He promised her to refer her PG accommodation to the girl-students, provided she would facilitate good and secure staying services for them. The advice stroke in her mind and she observed around for getting idea what was needed to establish a good PG accommodation and how much investment was required. She shared, ’I was fortunate that I got full-fledged support from family’.

‘Finance was not a big problem’ she shared, “Due to strong family support I could step ahead.” Her parents showed resentment to her decision ‘They said keeping girls as your responsibilities involve a risk, but I assured them that I know how to deal with’. She added that she found herself in her life where she could place her own business and started the setup in partnership of Shushil Karbasskkar, a family friend. “Shushil was a friend of my husband, staying at my neighborhood. He was having two buildings nearby my place. He bought them for investment purpose and I was looking for place for PG accommodations, therefore the partnership was an excellent idea, as I didn’t need to purchase land or property and we started with 50-50 percent partnership”, she shared.

She began with only five girls in 2 rooms and later, had 10 girls and 10 boys for accommodation. ‘Presently I am accommodating 85 girls in three buildings, she shared with proud. Earlier, she added facilities for boys also, but gradually the number of girls was increasing, henceforth she shifted her focus on girls’ accommodation only. Later, as part of expanding strategy, she developed tie-ups with various nearby colleges and earned goodwill in the locality. Her husband also played crucial role and they divided their tasks for further growth of the business. To find out new property or land was responsibility of her husband and her partner cum family friend and she was taking care of facilities whole heartily.

Initial Challenges….

‘I gave up my school job for household responsibilities in turn of that compromise I earned confidence and support of my in-laws. Finance was never been a problem in the initial days of Daughter’s Home. Due to family support, I acquired sufficient fund and also obtained some loan. My husband provided me a friendly helping hand’ she told.

“More than the monetary sacrifice, it is really the sacrifice of time when you are an entrepreneur. And that is a much more expensive sacrifice than money.” Rashmi Bansal-Stay Hungry Stay Foolish.

‘In early years I was working as an employee and devoting my 24 hours to the business. As there was dearth of good and safe girls’ PG accommodation with quality services, I got very good response and within one year, the business started giving monetary benefits too’, she shared. Gradually she added on facilities such as conveyance was a big problem because of poor transport services, therefore she started conveyance facilities for the girls at every weekend.

Initially she hired four employees for discharging different-different responsibilities. Now like a smart business person, she has outsourced security, washing and cleaning services and she has 18 members in staff for food and maintenance. She marked her dedication and concern for girls and shared, ‘Despite the good manpower, I start at 5 in the morning and work till mid night, also prefer to keep main-keys in my hands only for security reasons.’ The determination reflected when she mentioned, ‘Money is never been my concern, I always keep security on my priority and never compromise on rules and discipline.’

Future ahead…..

Accommodating huge number of girls in an under-development area is not an easy task as some problems like water supply, light etc leave resentment. In between, perceptible growth of many hostels in the area has thrown a good challenge. But she has her own stand in the locality and thinking about expansion.

‘We have our own trademark’, talking about the future she shared,’ therefore we would go for franchising for expansion.’ She has ambition of spreading Daughters’ Home‘s branches all over Jaipur, especially Jyoti Nagar (another educational area of Jaipur) and Ambawari. Further she added Jodhpur, the city from where she belongs to. She shared, ‘I am getting query calls for PG accommodations in Jodhpur, that’s why I am thinking about setting a branch in Jodhpur also’

Mantra behind Success

She has a vision of providing secure and quality based services; and passionate for making her PG not just a building but another home to those girls who are coming to the town for their jobs or studies. She believes in mouth publicity, but now she has a webpage on facebook and a website where is updating information regarding availability of seats and facilities.
This business needs patience rather than very high investment and she possesses that level of patience. She has very good communication skills and gives attention to details before giving room to the girls like speaking with parents clearly about the rules and concerns. Good facilities, Security, comfort and home-like-feel are the USPs of her venture.

Talking about the essentials for a woman entrepreneur, she quickly said, ‘Confidence’ with twinkle in her eyes. Further she added that resources and family support are equally needed but confidence and passion are prominent to live a dream.

Mr. Deepak Gokhru, Assistant Professor, IILM-AHL, Jaipur
Dr. Shikha Kaushik, Associate Professor, IILM-AHL, Jaipur
Data Collection by: Bhagyasri Deka and Raymond Ronald, Students, IILM-AHL, Jaipur

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