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Rules & Regulations:

  •  It is compulsory to take meals in the dining Hall. No meals shall be served / allowed in the rooms.
  •  No resident is allowed to cook meals in the rooms.
  •  Tea, breakfast and meals will be served in the dining hall during the fixed hours only.
  •  Timing of various services in the mess will be notified from time to time.
  •  Residents will not be allowed to take any outsider to her room with out a prior permission. The residents are not permitted to keep guests in their rooms
  •  Friends of opposite sex are not allowed into Daughter’s Home at any time.
  •  Gates to the Daughter’s Home will be closed at 8:30 pm every day.No entry is permitted after the schedule time.
  •  Prior permission must be obtained from the management of Daughter’s Home for those having tution/extra classes after after 8:30 pm.
  •  Residents themselves will be responsible for the safety of their personal articles as well as the safety of articles issued to them by Daughter’s Home for their use.
  •  If a resident is found sharing her room with any other or allow using her room to some one in her absence, she shall be liable for eviction with out any notice.
  •  Resident is forbidden to use Electrical items like Room heater, Heater, Emersion Rod, Press/Iron or any such article. If any such item found with any resident, that will immediately be forfeited and will never be returned as also extra charges fixed by the Management will be charged.
  •  Transistor/Tape/Radio/MP-3 can only be used with ear-phone, keeping in view the facilities/disturbance of fellow resident. If used without the consent and on disturbance of others, the same would also be forfeited and will not be returned.
  •  Admission at Daughter’s Home shall be granted only, if accompanied by the Parents/Guardian.
  •  All residents are required to maintain good conduct. Indiscipline state of the resident will be liable to cancel the admission and entire fee will be forfeited treating that resident has left of her own.
  •  All the residents should be in their respective rooms after 10 P.M.
  •  Only vegetarian meals are served in the Daughter’s Home. No resident is allowed to bring non-vegetarian meals in the Daughter’s Home from out side.
  •  Resident will be provided Cot, Table, Chair, Mattress, and Bathroom bucket, Mug but Bed sheet, Pillow and quilts etc.will have to be brought by resident personally.
  •  All electrical apparatus etc will have to be switched off by the residents positively. Non compliance will be punishable.
  •  Coolers and Geysers will be provided in the summer and winter respectively in working condition.
  •  Ragging is strictly prohibited.
  •  All the residents should co-operate each other, abide by the rules and regulations of the Daughter’s Home and make every efforts to maintain the decorum of the Daughter’s Home.
  •  All the rules and regulations are liable to be changed, if required by the Daughter’s Home authority.
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